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Bowser Jr (Color Splash Recut) by DerekminyA Bowser Jr (Color Splash Recut) by DerekminyA
Bowser's son, Junior originally disguised himself as Mario to frame the plumber, in order to steal Peach away. Of course, that plan fell apart.
Then, he helped his dad out with an attempt at conquering the universe. (Or maybe it was two attempts...). Of course, his machines fell apart.
Next, he started sniffing out rare stickers in the Decal Lands while the Bowz was acting weird. Of course, his collection attempts fell apart.
Finally, Junior was sucked into a strange dimension along with the others, where he felt strange. Thankfully, he found a buddy in himself- literally! ...Unfortunately, their friendship fell apart, as the Bros eventually sent this Bowser Junior back home.
Now, Junior somehow found the strength to split the Grand Paint Stars from Port Prisma's Prisma Fountain. Looks like this little sucker is gonna be trouble.

One other thing of note. Apparently, Junior went back to the Decal Lands shortly before his interdimensional escapade. If Nya the Ninji is to be believed (especially as she doesn't seem to like Junior), she saw Junior find something under Rustle Burrow, which is why she followed him to Prism Island.

While Bowser Junior has shown up in many Super Mario platformers and 8th gen Paper Mario-related games, he's absent from the actual Paper Mario Color Splash. Peculiar, considering his role in Paper Jam...

UPDATE (MAY 15th): Extra standalone poses and parts added.
DukeyDukeyDoo Featured By Owner May 14, 2017
Not bad... but... are you going to update this by adding his body parts as well as adding poses and gestures? :)
DerekminyA Featured By Owner Edited May 14, 2017
I could update this by patching on the solo pose sheet that was also prepared.

EDIT: AND done.
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